Poker Collusion in Deadwood?

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Deadwood South Dakota has a storied history – an illegally founded town whose economy was built on gold mining and bolstered by prostitution and gambling.  Several weeks ago I meet with the South Dakota Gaming Commission regarding claims that a … Continued

Gaming Jeopardy!

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In winning his first four games on Jeopardy, Arthur Chu has caused a stir among fans of the television show. Chu has employed a number of game strategies that have annoyed and even enraged some of the show’s followers. 1)      Hunting … Continued

The MIT Lottery Team

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Americans spent $58 billion dollars on lottery tickets in 2011 in hopes of defying the odds and striking it rich.  The tremendous popularity of the lottery despite it’s horrific return on investment has led some to cynically label the lottery … Continued

Trend Following and Card Counting

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Last week I met with Michael Covel, author and president of Trend Following, a privately owned firm specializing in trend trading research.  Michael recorded our lunch meeting as he interviewed me about my experiences with the MIT Blackjack Team. We were … Continued

The Big Score

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In the minds of gamblers, the dream of striking it rich far outweighs the reality of the less than favorable odds.  Nowhere is this more apparent than with the lottery. The odds  of winning the lottery are astronomically low  but … Continued