The Making of a Card Counter – Part 1

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Card Counting TraitsOne of the questions I’m often asked is, “What is the most important trait in becoming a professional card counter?”  The first thing that jumps to mind for most people is genius mathematical ability.  True, being good at math is a plus, but the math involved in card counting is simple, middle school arithmetic. We’re not talking advanced calculus or differential equations.  Having trained many people how to count cards at a professional level, there are three traits that are more important than mathematical ability.  At the top, I rank high commitment level as #1.

With every person that I have trained that went on to become an accomplished card counter, it was very evident from my first interaction with them, that they were not only willing, but excited about putting in the time and energy necessary to master the knowledge and skills necessary to gain the winning edge.  My most successful student to date, “Al”, is someone who barely graduated high school, getting D’s in math. During the time that I spent with AL, it became apparent that he was an underachiever when he was younger, but at the same time Al certainly was nowhere in the math league of Good Will Hunting.  But what Al had going for him, was a real, serious commitment to turning his fortunes around at the blackjack tables.  And to his credit he did exactly that.  Many people have a get-rich-quick mentality, focusing only on the potential upside, not on what it takes to get there. No matter the endeavor, there are no shortcuts to achieving your goals.  

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