Card Counting and Advantage Play

One of my goals is to help gamblers learn how to play winning blackjack based on mathematically proven strategies. Doing so transforms a losing gambler into an Advantage Player  – one who legally gains an edge over the house through knowledge, discipline and skill. Unlike gamblers, advantage players make their decisions based on rational thinking. Advantage players ignore popular gambling myths and do not fall victim to the hunches, emotional biases and flawed short term observations that sooner or later lead to the downfall of gamblers.

In terms of the bigger picture, the principles and mindset that can make you a winner at 21 can also help you succeed in other  fields and pursuits as well. If you keep an open mind and seek the smartest, most effective approach you can become an advantage player in anything you do. Being aware of and proactively taking control of your decision making process can not only make a huge difference at the blackjack tables but also in your everyday life on both a professional and personal level.